An ancient distant universe museum librarian known as Elmo Cando (acronym name for Eternal Light Movement Order Creating A New Dimension of Optimism) is seen preparing journey to a construction site known as Constellation CANDO/placing a book entitled The Adventures of Little Elmo back in a shelf along with another entitled Captain CANDO & The Golden Voyage then picking up his camera and walking out of museum; boarding transportation ship to this place  CANDO in order to obtain photo journal documentation for placement back in these very same shelves ~ while at the same time on a planet known as Earth an extensive publicity campaign becomes manifest in cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Seattle ~ stories about a character known as Little Elmo.

Front Page Cover Story  The Seattle Times


      In My Home.mp3


Image Title: “River Of Thought”

In My Home-Prologue from the book “The Story of Little Elmo”

In my home, on a hill, neath the the tree of the apple, over the wheat, I look unto a mountain shrouded with those beautiful blue time-space planets. While to my right, the fields of clover, blossom white, flowers, yellow and crimson, and the lamb of mercy, where I live, Little Elmo, the lamb of mercy and the fruits of Love. Neath this tree, on this hill I watch. And where thou art in need of Truth, doth I go, the lamb, it’s guardian angels and the fruits of Love…offerings of good will, cheer and benevolent light this new and bright age. And it is in these “Introductions” we would make ourselves known. And I have deduced, shall I intrigue thee? No it cannot be intrigue to captivate thee. Shall I charm thee? No, if it were charm to hold thee ‘twould not be I. Nay. Should I mystify thee, control thee? No, no I will love thee ~ thou hast been too long deceived.And as there be effect, there be creation, thus cause. And as all things have thus come to be, there is a formula to all things and answer to all inquisition, as doth I exist, the mathematical equation, Little Elmo. Nay I am not the Master, though I take thee to Him. That is not to say I am not His words, His thoughts, for all brethren be His words. Too, let it be that I hasten to say “your world is to become a paradise, and in the immediate lifetime of the now residing majority”. Alas, by mathematical means I become joyus. Prologue from the book “The Story of Little Elmo”


tumbleweeds-2“Tumbleweed Lanes”

Eventide (over the Tumbleweed Song)

King Julien (Doc/Dr. Morrison P. Helling in studio recording “In My Home” & “Eventide”)

Eventide, we greet you all angelic hosts of the realm of reality and light. Abraham, Edentia Host and Universal Grande Emissary, welcomes you this new and beautiful dawning of Urantia; Emil of Light ever present and all surrounding, enhances musically. Peace. Peace. Peace. Paradise. All men together again and Love prevails. I, Julian of Edentia, the Mighty Messenger of the Realms of Paradise do hereby initiate the Proclamation of Light unto planet number 606 Constellation 70 in the Universe of Nebadon. Love lays its hand and seal upon this document of confirmation and we in fact present ourselves in joyous adoration of your completed mission. Initially we employ living ectoplasms for your appreciation. The change is repleat with love-building rays and embryonic hosts of prosperity. Babes of Love are healed, and reborn! The hungry are fed; the starving are nurtured to health. Love abounds. Light has come to surround Urantia.
Amen and Good Eve. Julien of Edentia. Hosts of Celestial Gardens of Light and Life Carriers.

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